Wacky webcasts: four wacky – but interesting – live streams

We love webcasting, so it’s not surprising that we think there are uses for live streaming that go well beyond meetings and events.

And now live streaming can cheaper than ever it means it can be used in truly wacky ways. We’ve been collecting interesting uses – and hope they make you think about what you can do

1. Webcasting the weather

Webcam of Brighton beach

Magic Seaweed are using live streams to webcast the weather, like this one of Brighton beach – these live feeds are not a new thing, but static webcams can be used in lots of creative ways to create interesting, informative content.

2. Webcasting outer space

webcast of outerspace

The international Space Station has a webcast, which you can watch. As you might see by visiting it’s not always that interest (turns out a lot of space is just dark) – but still attracts amazing live stream viewing figures when interesting stuff is happening. Fortunately there are recordings to watch when it’s a bit dull.

3. Polar bear webcasting

Web cams for polar bear enclosures

We really like this feed, which includes polar bears. As you can see there’s more than one feed, and you can zoom in on each to see more. Again, this interactivity is particularly interesting and could be used a lot more than it is at the moment.

4. Watching people eat – in South Korea

Watching people eat in Korea

In South Korea people charge for live streams of them eating. Yes, this is weird to our eyes – but the point about this content seems to be that it brings personal contact to people – a kind of companionship. I don’t think that in the UK – where maybe food isn’t quite as important par of the culture, but nonetheless we are using live streaming increasingly to connect people. Just not quite in such an interesting way as this.

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