Multicast live stream to social media – with 4G

Helping a coffee brand multicast live stream

We helped a major coffee brand launch its cafe by creating a multicast, streaming on multiple social media channels – without any need for broadband.

If you want to stream to Facebook, then why not stream to Periscope, too? And if you want to stream there, why not on your website as well?

Our clients increasingly want to use streaming as part of a promotional exercise that harnesses their social media channels. Brands have invested time and money to build multiple social media channels – so making sure their live content can furnish them all is important.

But not every promotional event comes served with a dollop of super-sized broadband – which is normally a must if you want to encode and stream multiple versions of the same feed to different channels. What do you do?

Multi-streaming with poor broadband

We’ve already helped clients with exactly this problem – including a global brand who were launching a new café in a prestigious part of London.

Our client were holding a promotional event with live music, and it was important that their event was live streamed to multiple social media sites – Facebook Live and Periscope, where they had invested significantly.

Unfortunately, the café had poor broadband, which wouldn’t support a single stream, let alone multiple live streams.

Nonetheless, we were able to offer a high-definition live stream to multiple on social and elsewhere, without the need for a fixed broadband connection.

See the full case study of the event.

How we did it

Due to the short lead time on the event, and not being able to get a higher speed wired connection organised in time, we were simply able to capture the broadcast and streamed it on a 4G mobile solution.

We were then able to send a single stream to our servers, and transcode the signal to create multiple versions of the stream for broadcast. This cut out the need for several encoders and allowed our client to stream in several different places at once.

This solution can be used to create almost limitless versions of streams – and is particularly useful for businesses that are looking to promote across different websites or who use a variety of social media.

If you’re interested in this solution, please get in touch. You can also read our case study on multicast streaming here.

See the full case study of the event.